Member since 1993

Full Name: Anthony Stephen Carpenter

Birthday: December 27, 1952

Family / Pets
I have no pets at the moment


I love playing tennis / guitar shops/ football / PRS ha ha

In what other music projects are / were you involved ?
I have my own band in London playing pubs.. itīs great

What other work do you do ?

I am an actor but canīt commit myself to it at the moment

What did you do before joining the band ?
as I said... I have appeared in many West End Musicals in London.....Oliver - The sound of music - and many more

How did you get involved with the Dozies ?

I recieved a phone call from Tich to meet up

Which one is your favorite DDDBMT-song (playing live / overall) ?
I have always liked Antoinette and Don Juan they are great songs

What was your most memorable Concert with the Dozies and why ?

memorable concert was Wembley arena...everyone wants top play Wembley

What were the peak and low of your career ?
Not many lows and a few highs canīt remember at the moment.

Which moment do you like most during your show ?

mmm... Itīs all great to be on stage with the boys

Do you like playing in charity-shows or the like ?
I like to do charity shows if itīs for a very good cause

What is your favorite color ?

navy blue and beige

What are your favorite musicians / bands ?
Beatles, Eagles, Toto, The Who, Wings

What are your favorite sports (doing yourself / watching) ?

I love tennis and playing it and playing football

What is your favorite book / author ?
Charles Dickens

What is your favorite movie / TV-show ?

Oliver Twist / Scrooge / Ghost / Goodbye Mr Chips

Which instruments do you own / play ?
I play guitar and drums a little

What car do you drive ?

I drive a BMW 320i

Where are you living now ?

What do you like to drink or eat ?

I love a cup of tea... I dont do alcohol... I love salad and sea food and chinese

What do you like about being on tour ?
On tour itīs the different venues with all types of people itīs a good laugh

What do you dislike about fans ?

I like the fans.............they are all ok

Where do you like to spend your holidays ?
I like to spend my holidays with my son in the Greek islands

Have you ever thought about retiring from the music business ?

I wonīt ever retire........anyway Iīm too young to think about that only 53

Do you have much contact with the other members outside the gigs ?
Yes I keep in contact with the boys

Along which other bands do you like to play on the big concerts ?

Yes the big concerts are many people....unreal

How do you prepare for each show / Do you experience stage-fright ?
No I donīt get stage fright...but just concentration....and a buzz

Do you (still) write songs ?

I used to write songs but there are too many at it now...waste of time

Anything else youīd like to tell your fans ?
Tell the fans that as long as we can do the job we will be there for them...and thanks


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