Member since 1982

Full Name: John Hatchman

Birthday: January 6, ????

Family / Pets



watching Soccer / Internet Marketing / DIY

In what other music projects are / were you involved ?


What other work do you do ?

Delivering meals to the elderly

What did you do before joining the band ?

Living in Switzerland (Vocalist with a band called Magicpower)

How did you get involved with the Dozies ?

knew Beaky who put my name forward for Audition

Which one is your favorite DDDBMT-song (playing live / overall) ?


What was your most memorable Concert with the Dozies and why ?

watching Dozy move on stage

Which moment do you like most during your show ?

watching Dozy move on stage

Do you like playing in charity-shows or the like ?

if the charity is worthy

What is your favorite color ?

all colours of the rainbow

What are your favorite musicians / bands ?

Journey / Richard Marx / James Taylor / Nat King Cole / Soul

What are your favorite sports (doing yourself / watching) ?

soccer, rugby,boxing,athletics.

What is your favorite book / author ?

no preference

What is your favorite movie / TV-show ?

The Abyiss

Which instruments do you own / play ?

Various / Keyboards / … oh let me think … Drums

What car do you drive ?

Aston Martin (in my dreams)

Where are you living now ?

Planet Earth

What do you like to drink or eat ?

Lager and more Lager / Curries

What do you like about being on tour ?

meeting new people

What do you dislike about fans ?

no comment

Where do you like to spend your holidays ?

anywhere hot and sunny!

Have you ever thought about retiring from the music business ?


Do you have much contact with the other members outside the gigs ?

all the time

Along which other bands do you like to play on the big concerts ?

too many to mention

How do you prepare for each show / Do you experience stage-fright ?


Do you write songs ?


Anything else you´d like to tell your fans ?

to thank them for their loyalty


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