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Full Name: Ian Amey

Birthday: May 15, 1944

Family / Pets ?

Family yes pets no

Hobbies ?

Going to concerts

In what other music projects are / were you involved ?

Local band ('Stiff Joints')

What other work do you do ?

Home for the elderly with my wife

Which one is your favorite DDDBMT-song (playing live / overall) ?

Hold tight

What was your most memorable Concert with the Dozies and why ?

NME Poll concert London Wembley with a lot of English bands: Beatles, Stones etc.

What were the peak and low of your career ?

Having 14 hit records / Dave Dee leaving in 1969

Which moment do you like most during your show ?

All of it

Do you like playing in charity-shows or the like ?

If itīs for a good charity

What is your favorite color ?

Was red, now blue

What are your favorite musicians / bands ?

Eagles, Joe Walsh

What are your favorite sports (doing yourself / watching) ?

It used to be karate, love football

What is your favorite book / author ?


What is your favorite movie / TV-show ?

Spooks (TV), Lord of the rings

Which instruments do you own / play ?

Guitars: Gibson, PRS, Fender. Mandolin

What car do you drive ?

Audi A4

Where are you living now ?


What do you like to drink or eat ?

Chinese and red wine

What do you like about being on tour ?

All of it

What do you dislike about fans ?

Donīt like pushy people

Where do you like to spend your holidays ?

Just to go anywhere is a bonus

Have you ever thought about retiring from the music business ?

Not yet

Do you have much contact with the other members outside the gigs ?

No. Too busy

Along which other bands do you like to play on the big concerts ?

All bands

How do you prepare for each show / Do you experience stage-fright ?

Tune up and go - stage fright no

Do you still write songs ?


Anything else youīd like to tell your fans ?

Keep coming to our shows - I need the money


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