Sweet Memories

Here is the place where we will show you sweet memories from the past: Photos, memorabilia, promo stuff etc. Those of you who were a fan from the beginning on might find some pictures they already cherished back then and the young ones among you can now enjoy those old jewels as well !

This will just be a small start for now. More stuff will be added soon. Thanks to all of you who already contributed. If you have some nice older stuff you think would fit in here please contact the webmaster.

During the 1960s the British magazine Fabulous208 used to print a lot of color posters of DDDBM&T - here are a few nice examples: photo DDDBMT Beaky and Mick showing flag... photo DDDBMT photo DDDBMT 'Old MacDonald had a farm...' photo DDDBMT A wall-calendar for the dedicated fan photo DDDBMT 'The Killers' photo DDDBMT Merry Christmas !! photo DDDBMT

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