freiburg 10. december 2004
Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Review and photos by Sandy
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This was actually a double concert weekend and for the German fans the last two shows before Christmas. Since both were in the deep Southwest of Germany, and the first was on a Friday evening, only a few "hardcore" fans showed up. But even though it was really cold, the halls on both days were filled quite well once the shows began. Oh and a thank you from the fans to the promoter for opening the doors even 20 minutes ahead of schedule !
The city hall in Freiburg was very inviting, with a lot of tables in the back half and again enough space to dance during the show. 

Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich were set this night as Highlight at the very end of the show, after a classic start with the Spencer Davis Group, the Marmalade who won the audience with their partly artistic fun, and German Rockers the Rattles who brought down the house with a fine mixture of good old Rock´n´Roll and some native jokes.

During the last break, Tich was the one making us giggle this time during preparation: checking his amp by giving it a big whack on top while having his ears practically on front of it – "Hellooo…" - well, that one did work without trouble then. Luckily they don´t need too much time for preparations – and so very soon we listened to the first chords of "Hold tight"...

Due to the low stage we had an excellent view - first noticing Dozy, who for a change wore a light red suit ! 
It´s always nice to see they are still a colorful band on stage.

But the question marks on Dozys face were the highlight this evening – especially when Tich nominated him for sexiest member ! 

No, Beaky was not practicing the vulcan greeting...

They had no trouble getting the audience on their feet – everyone joined in very fast. Their phantastic mood was just contagious.

Especially during songs like "Zabadak" when all had to sing along

They also plunged into their 60s medley of songs from other bands – "Sweets for my sweet", "Bend me shape me" or "No milk today" were just great to hear from them. Beaky and Mick who do most of the alternating lead vocals are really outstanding.

"Would someone bring me a drink please ?"

Tich and Dozy made up the chorus mainly, and it´s really phantastic to hear their harmonies. Tich also was the one doing most of the talking...

...apart from when Dozy told us about his birthday – confusing the German words for sixty and seventy which brought another question mark on his face due to the giggles coming from the other side of the stage.

"Next time you jump over your drums, boy !"

When Mick was introduced he even took the time to come forward – exchanging some words with Tich and then both seeing my ever-ready camera and Tich urging him to pose for a funny photo once more. Thank you !

Beaky had lots of fun during his turn when he could demonstrate his versatility with the drumsticks – balancing them on his nose ! Tich even went over to show us that he´s not cheating...

"See ? Beaky doesn´t need any glue - his power of attraction is enough.." 

 Still Beaky made a funny face when Tich kept on talking – he clearly was in a jocular mood that evening, shooting a lot of jokes around.

But finally they got into "Save me" - Beaky is always doing a great job on Timbales and Cowbell during this song. 

During all guitar solos Tich was whizzing around as usual. 

"Legend of Xanadu" made us then look over to Dozy again – the middle part was spoken by him alone !

Then they surprised us with another bunch of 60s songs - including "Roadhouse Blues" and an exceptionally phantastic and powerful version of "Peter Gunn".

Tich on lead guitar was just excellent – with Beaky watching closely

After that Tich brought forth the mandola and it was "Bend it" time – with everyone taking part in it as usual.

Although it was not such a big audience they made up for it by being much louder than the usual crowd – party time ! But unfortunately that already told us the end was about to come

 A full power version of "Hold tight" with everyone rocking around, on stage as well as down below.

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That show had been really exhausting - nevertheless we joined the Dozies afterwards for some small talk, and to start handing out my homemade christmas biscuits. The poor boys had to leave the hotel for anything to eat or drink, since its bar had been closed hours before already - and so Beaky wasn´t really happy about having to settle with fast food....
Anyway it turned out a nice quiet evening, with some laughs and a lot to talk about, especially about "the Vault" of the Hard Rock Café in London where Tony had been guiding tours from time to time. It was absolutely stunning to hear what historic instruments they have on display there.
But we soon said goodnight since we would see them again the next day in Reutlingen.

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