Solid Silver 60s Tour 2006click to enlarge
DAve Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich 
February 26th to May 7th 2006 

Southend-on-Sea, March 11th

Photos and Review by Sandy
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Please also see the complete Tour Wrap-up and the Thank You Note from the Band

In early March I caught up with the band to finally see the Solid Silver 60s show live - it was fine timing, they had accustomed themselves with the tour set and were still fresh after just a dozen shows. In spite of the low temperatures outside they were in a happy mood and firing up the audience each night.

"Always this boring wait…"

The time until the beginning was filled with the usual preparations and small talk

Right: Beaky just won´t stop playing - anywhere

Left: the glamorous life of a rock´n´roll star - coffee out of plastic cups...

Tich tuning his new guitar - a lightweight PRS Std24

Apart from Tich´s new guitar they had also brought new suits with them - for the tour they had decided on uniformly dark trousers with colorful jackets and even gaudier shirts !

For the show itself they introduced a new medley consisting of two classic rock songs from the Who and Led Zeppelin

Ready to make the audience happy:
It´s Show-time !
The Dozies went out second after Wayne Fontana who had been supported by the Pacemakers. Due to excellent preparations and two drumkits on stage no changes had to be made so the breaks were marginal. Left: The moment when the lights turn on first time, the boys still keeping up the suspense, standing with the back towards the audience
Right: Dave giving full power as usual
Left: Dozy with his highly polished bass

Right: The boys against the nice 60s backdrop

Tich during his solo part in "Hideaway

with Dave already asking the audience if they want to see something special …

"You really think that´s all he can do with that guitar ?"

… showing Beaky what he expects: to see Tich push his guitar down to the ankles… 

"So what do you give me for doing that, eh ??"

After this strong intro that woke up the audience they performed another one of their so well-received covers - the old Diana Ross hit "You keep me hanging on"
Mick slightly hidden behind his drumkit

"Hey friend, we gotta talk …"
Left: Dave trying to hide - but his micro gives him away !

the band´s multi-vocal harmonies are phantastic

with Dave´s solo voice absolutely outstanding

"Hey Dozy, falling asleep again ??"

"Don´t forget I´m watching you..."

Left: Dozy watching Dave for a change


Dave´s special performance during "Zabadak"…
…playing the violins And then it was the audience´s turn to sing

Below: "I can´t hear you"

the band´s view into the front rows - happy faces
Tich still won´t push the guitar down as Dave insists...

"Tich is completely nuts !"

Left: The voice from the background

Right: Finally Dave brought it forward - the bullwhip for "Legend of Xanadu"

Mick watching if everyone ducked away, while Dave is already circling the whip over his head - this always is a special moment
Right: Tich must still be trusting Dave´s abilities with the whip, staying so close...

... but Beaky was scared to the far side of the stage...

... but during the guitar solo he dared to run alongside Dave again

Left: the creative backdrop of the tour

Trying to get a shot of Dave actually cracking the whip is not easy - but you do hear it very well out there in the front
atmosperic illumination for "Stairway to heaven"
Together with "Pinball Wizard" this formed the new medley, which actually got a high repsonse from the fans all through the tour Below: A nice sight - the boys closing ranks for the start into Pinball
Dave doing a phantastic vocal job during the medley, really rocking the audience

with Mick adding some contasts

Tich and Beaky were also doing an excellent job on guitars since both songs are quite a challenge musically

Another nice addition to the show - Dave joining Mick in the back

and finally the audience was joining in for "Bend it" ...
At last Tich was pushing his guitar down on the elastic strap - and now we knew why he did not want to do it in the first place ... ... that leightweight axe shot back up like a rocket...
Tich waving both guitars as he said goodbye

Right: proudly presenting the new red one

Right after their show they went back out to the merchandise booth giving the audience a chance to have everything signed  And the fans were enjoying this opportunity a lot during intermission
A little talk was always possible with them while they signed programmes and CDs
Beaky trying to talk someone out of buying other people´s CDs ?

Some fans even had the chance for a group shot
When that was done they had to walk through the cold to return backstage

"Now who the hell got the key to this door ?"

While PJ Proby and Gerry & the Pacemakers performed the Dozies enjoyed a break to get something to eat and relax a bit for the second show that night And then it started all over again: Opening the matinee

Mick watching Dozy

"Hey play a little louder Tich, there are some old people out there..."
Left: Some strange noises coming from the amplifier
a disappointed Mick being told that he´s not the sexy member
Tich even sat down when it wasn´t him either

Dave telling funny things about Beaky again

Dozy and Tich rocking the house at the end of "Save me"
"Legend of Xanadu" again with Dave and Beaky chasing each other more atmospheric lights during "Stairway to heaven"

"Your turn"

So this was a long but excellent evening, and for their rocking performance the Dozies got standing ovations of course. After a drink and some small talk they all retired early though, since they had a tight schedule of shows still ahead. 


More about the tour: see the complete Tour Wrap-up and the Thank You Note from the Band

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